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 Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING) Empty
PostSubject: Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING)   Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2009 9:27 pm

Here is how you will post your model application pics. You only get to post 3 so make them as best as your abilities allow. It is not required to have your name on all the pics, you may have quotes or anything else you'd like.

First you need an avatar pic, the size for this is 160x220 and the other 3 pics should not be less than 400 and no larger than 600 and MUST HAVE A BACKGROUND. If any of your pics are incorrect, you will have to redo your application.

Here is an example for how your pics should look:

Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING) Avi6

Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING) Esportfolio3

Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING) Bbwcasual

Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING) Springseason

After you have your pics ready you will need to answer all of the questions below and add them to your application.



If 18+, do you have the Access Pass?


Do you have both male and female avatars?

Why are you interested in modeling here at DE Modeling Agency?

What fashion style(s) do you like?

Your hobbies?

What is your attitude like? (negative, positive, moody, etc)

What's you IMVU homepage?

How did you find out about DE?


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Model Application (READ BEFORE POSTING)
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