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 Advertising Executive Application

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PostSubject: Advertising Executive Application   Advertising Executive Application Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 3:27 pm

Advertising Executive Application

Fill in everything when you leave it the first time. Applications found with blanks will not qualify.

Advertising Executive Job Description: The promotion of DE Modeling Agency falls in your hands. Advertising in magazines as well as in the forums or anywhere for that matter falls under you. You will also work closely with the event coordinator, promoting any events that DE may host. All staff will help models when needed. “Event Coordinator reports to LinkNightWolf”

Must have common knowledge of the rules and regulations pertaining to DE Modeling Agency. As staff you may be called upon to help or direct new models coming into the agency.
Be able to maintain a certain professionalism and courtesy. As staff you set the bar for those around you, for this you will be held to the higher standards.
Have fun, though this is a business, we also consider this a family. So you must be able to let your hair down and cut loose every once in a while.

“Fill in everything”

Date Joined:
What’s your time schedule look like (i.e.what do you do during the day):
What does D.E. stand for?:
Who is the founder of DE Modeling Agency:
Why do you want to be Advertising Executive?:
Create an Ad for D.E. Modeling agency no bigger than 400 x 400. The more creative the better. You may use anything you can find that is not copyrighted or trademarked, that includes you being able to use the other models at the agency. The goal is to create something that portrays what D.E. is as well as showing the atmosphere.

Please provide a headshot no bigger than 160 x 220 (No exceptions will be made here follow directions the first time).

Advertising Executive Application Pbucket
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Advertising Executive Application
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