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 ~ Arianna Lunarae ~

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~ Arianna Lunarae ~ Empty
PostSubject: ~ Arianna Lunarae ~   ~ Arianna Lunarae ~ Icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2009 11:03 pm

Full name: Arianna Lunarae

Goes by: Aria

Occupation: healer/helper

Race: fallen angel

Physical Attributes: curly red hair, light blue heart tattoo on left cheek, pale skin, small wings

Relatives: all dead

Weapon and Armor: none

Secondary Weapons: none

Abilities: She has the abilities to heal by touch and fill people with a calming inner peace. She also has a small pair of wings, but they are virtually useless.

Character History: Not much is known about Arianna. She fell from heaven in order to help the creatures on earth that could not help themselves. How or why she was chosen is still a mystery. One thing she does know about her mission/purpose is to find the one that which will complete her and make her truly whole.

Current Character Picture:

~ Arianna Lunarae ~ Rp
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~ Arianna Lunarae ~
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