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 Ugh some of these devs suck.

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Ugh some of these devs suck. Empty
PostSubject: Ugh some of these devs suck.   Ugh some of these devs suck. Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 8:31 pm

Ok so I'm going through my poses to take screenshots, and i have like 5 different products that are just named 'hidden product' now so i have no idea what it is and i cant use it, waste of creds. Also I have poses that are just hidden so I can't find what the tiggers are. I'm pissed now and these devs make me want to yell at them grrr. Has anyone else noticed this?

Oh and i went to send one of them (MONSTUR) a message and I can't they only accept messages from buddies. grrr.
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Ugh some of these devs suck.
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