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 -Step Two-

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PostSubject: -Step Two-   Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:52 pm

Once you've seen that you've been accepted as a model it's recommended, but not required, that you do the following actions:

-Create a mailbox so that developers, friends, and staff members can get a hold of you.
-Create a runway for your photos that you'll be required to submit (Only 5 a month).
-Send a message to one of the staff members

Reminder: Regardless of the fact if you choose to not have a runway, you still have to submit a minimum of 5 photos a month.

Once accepted as a model you can participate in almost everything! (If you have an access pass, and are 18+, then you can participate in anything. XD)

Just wander around the forum and see what interests you! Feel free to post in any topic you'd like! Welcome to the family, it's that easy!

This was my fault for not sticking this in here...
-Do -NOT- post any images or create a catwalk WITHOUT being accepted as a DE model. You're NOT A MODEL unless you submit an APPLICATION!!
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-Step Two-
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